We whole heartedly believe that great photography starts with a moment of connection; so what better place to begin than with some proper introductions...

We are Josh & Chloe, the co-owners of Sheldon Collective. 

Josh was raised in rural New Hampshire, loves coffee and records, and spending time in the calm and beauty of the outdoors. His personal photography focuses on documenting cultures, people, and landscapes during his travels. When shooting weddings, he's inspired by capturing candid moments throughout the day, has a tireless work ethic, and brings a down-to-earth goofiness that puts others at ease.

Chloe grew up in a large, Midwestern family of artists. She is a doting plant mom, loves fashion photography, and enjoys reading or painting in her spare time. When it comes to shooting, her Fine Art background brings a timeless elegance to her portraiture and her passion for building genuine connection allows our clients to feel more like friends by the day’s end.

Wondering how Sheldon Collective got started? It all began with a 5 minute party. We met at church in 2013 while everyone was mixing and mingling. Immediately connecting over our shared love for photography, we became good friends for the next two years.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015. What started as a legitimate photography-centered hangout started to feel a lot more like a cute date. After gourmet burgers and beers, we found ourselves goofing off at the local thrift shop, having an impromptu photoshoot, and eating late-night frozen yogurt. Soon after that accidental date, the spark of attraction grew into a steady flame that brought our friendship into love. A year later, we got married in Chloe’s hometown on a perfect September day surrounded by our dearest friends and family.

Now as life partners, we're passionate about providing artfully made wedding photography for couples in Chicago and beyond.