Hi! We’re so glad you landed on this page. We whole heartedly believe that great photography starts with a moment of connection; so what better place to begin than with some proper introductions...

We are Josh & Chloe Sheldon - a husband and wife photography team.

Josh is the self-proclaimed outdoorsman of the duo, born and raised in New Hampshire. He’s got East Coast tenacity in his blood, but also a down-to-earth goofiness that puts others at ease. To each wedding we shoot, he brings the humor, tireless work ethic, and documentary-style creativity that makes for striking photographs.

Chloe, on the other hand, brings a knack for portraiture to the mix. Her upbringing in a large, Midwestern family of artists gave her an eye for design, photography, and fashion. When it comes to shooting, she is artful, intuitive, and passionate about building genuine connections with each of her subjects.

When you combine our unique strengths and styles, you get a multi-faceted and cohesive team.

Together, we are Sheldon Collective.

Wondering how Sheldon Collective got started? It all began with a 5 minute party. We met at church in 2013 while everyone was mixing and mingling. Immediately connecting over our shared love for photography, biking, and bonfires, we became good friends over the next two years.

Fast forward to the very hot (gotta love ya, Chicago) but gorgeous summer of 2015. What started as a legitimate photography-centered hangout started to feel a lot more like a cute date. After gourmet burgers and beers, we found ourselves goofing off at the local thrift shop, having an impromptu photoshoot, and eating late-night frozen yogurt. Soon after that accidental date, the spark of attraction grew into a steady flame that brought our friendship into love. A year later, we got married in Chloe’s hometown on a perfect September day surrounded by our dearest friends and family.

Now as life partners, we're pouring our hearts and creativity into Sheldon Collective and are excited to include you in our journey.